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SMJ - Current Issue

April 2014

Medicine in Stamps

António Egas Moniz (1874–1955): Lobotomy pioneer and Nobel laureate

Tan SY, Yip A
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): 175-176;

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Pictorial Essay

Post-thyroidectomy neck ultrasonography in patients with thyroid cancer and a review of the literature

Zaheer S, Tan EH, Ang ES, Loke SH, Kao YH, Goh A, Wong WY
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): 177-183;

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Practice Integration & Lifelong Learning

Managing the ‘picky eater’ dilemma

Ong C, Phuah KY, Salazar E, How CH
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): 184-190;

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Original Articles

Inguinal hernia repair: are the results from a general hospital comparable to those from dedicated hernia centres?

Cheong KX, Lo HY, Neo JX, Appasamy V, Chiu MT
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): 191-197;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Incidence and radiological characteristics of fabellae in an Asian population

Chew CP, Lee KH, Koh SB, Howe TS
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): 198-201;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Association between urinary 8-OHdG and pulse wave velocity in hypertensive patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Kotani K, Yamada T
Singapore Med J2014; 55(4): 202-208;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

The association of cardiovascular disease with impaired health-related quality of life among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Tan MC, Ng OC, Wong TW, Hejar AR, Anthony J, Sintonen H
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): 209-216;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes of patients with Brugada syndrome in northeastern Thailand

Makarawate P, Chaosuwannakit N, Vannaprasaht S, Tassaneeyakul W, Sawanyawisuth K
Singapore Med J2014; 55(4): 217-220;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Age- and gender-related differences in drug utilisation and adverse drug reaction patterns among patients in a coronary care unit

Kunnoor NS, Devi P, Kamath DY, Anthony N, George J
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): 221-228;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Addition of clonidine or lignocaine to ropivacaine for supraclavicular brachial plexus block: a comparative study

Bhatia R, Payal YS, Khurana G
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): 229-232;

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Case Reports

From divination to madness: features of acute intoxication with Salvia use

Winslow MR, Mahendran R
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): e52–e53;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Melorheostosis of the hand affecting the c6 sclerotome and presenting with carpal tunnel syndrome

Abdullah S, Mat-Nor NF, Mohamed-Haflah NH
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): e54–e56;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Myoclonic seizures in a preterm baby: is this a presentation of venlafaxine withdrawal?

Ansary A, Ibhanesebhor SE, Manjunatha CM
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): e57–e59;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Ostraceous and inverse psoriasis with psoriatic arthritis as the presenting features of advanced HIV infection

Castillo RL, Racaza GZ, Roa FC
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): e60–e63;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Subcutaneous abscess due to Pyrenochaeta romeroiin a renal transplant recipient

Chan CY, Tan AL, Tan BH
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): e64–e66;

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Healthcare in Singapore: the present and future

Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): 234;


CME Answers

February 2014 CME Answers

Singapore Med J 2014; 55(4): 235