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SMJ - Current Issue

July 2014

Medicine in Stamps

Albert Schweitzer (1875–1965): A reverence for life

Tan SY, Tatsumura Y
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): 351-352;

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Practice Integration & Lifelong Learning

Male osteoporosis: clinical approach and management in family practice

Goh LH, How CH, Lau TC
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): 353-357;

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Original Articles

Characteristics of distractions in the intensive care unit: how serious are they and who are at risk?

See KC, Phua J, Mukhopadhyay A, Lim TK
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): 358-362;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Inappropriate use of proton pump inhibitors in a local setting

Chia C, Lim WP, Vu C
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): 363-366;

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Detection of Strongyloides stercoralis infection among cancer patients in a major hospital in Kelantan, Malaysia

Zueter AM, Mohamed Z, Abdullah AD, Mohamad N, Arifin N, Othman N, Noordin R
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): 367-371;

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Immunosuppressant dose reduction and long-term rejection risk in renal transplant recipients with severe bacterial pneumonia

Shih CJ, Tarng DC, Yang WC, Yang CY
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): 372-377;

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Liver cirrhosis as a real risk factor for necrotising fasciitis: a three-year population-based follow-up study

Hung TH, Tsai CC, Tsai CC, Tseng CW, Hsieh YH
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): 378-382;

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Increased serum visfatin as a risk factor for atherosclerosis in patients with ischaemic cerebrovascular disease

Kong QX, Xia M, Liang RQ, Li L, Cu X, Sun ZX, Hu J
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): 383-387;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Production of a polyclonal antibody against osteogenic protein-1, and its role in the diagnosis of osteoarthritis

Bhutia SC, Singh TA, Sherpa ML
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): 388-391;

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Letter to the Editor

Radiation emergency preparedness: perception of non‑physician first receivers

Lim HC, Tan JG, Hezan MA
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): 392;

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Medical Education

Clinics in diagnostic imaging (153)

Chua YW, Lim BK, Lim CC
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): 393-397;

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Case Reports

Hepatic tuberculosis: a rare cause of fluorodeoxyglucose hepatic superscan with background suppression on positron emission tomography

Wong SM, Yuen HY, Ahuja AT
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): e101-e103;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Multiple oesophago-respiratory fistulae: sequelae of pulmonary tuberculosis in retroviral infection

Low SF, Ngiu CS, Hing EY, Norzailin AB
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): e104-e106;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Achalasia and Down syndrome: a unique association not to be missed

Viegelmann G, Low Y, Sriram B, Chu HP
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): e107-e108;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Sinonasal natural killer/T-cell lymphoma presenting as pyrexia of unknown origin with nasal symptoms

Soon KH, Lim XR, Ng HL, Lim MY
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): e109-e111;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Nephrogenic epistaxis

Kumar R, Sikka K, Kumar R, Chatterjee P
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): e112-e113;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Ciprofloxacin eye drops-induced subtherapeutic serum phenytoin levels resulting in breakthrough seizures

Malladi SS, Liew E, Ng XT, Tan KS
Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): e114-e115;

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CME Answers

May 2014 CME Answers

Singapore Med J 2014; 55(7): 400