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Latest Highlights

22 Mar 2018

WHO GCM/NCD Working Group on health education and health literacy for NCDs
The WMA attended the third meeting of the WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on Noncommunicable Diseases (GCM/NCD) Working Group on Health Education and Health Literacy for NCDs in Geneva in February and presented the WMA's perspective on how to improve health literacy at all levels of society, from individuals and communities to health care system managers and politicians. This meeting placed a special focus on populations with low health awareness and/or literacy.

19 Oct 2017

WMA General Assembly, 11 - 14 October 2017, Chicago, USA
Delegates from more than 50 national medical associations attended the annual General Assembly of the WMA in Chicago from 11 to 14 October. The Secretariat sent out a letter to all members and participants containing a summary of results, which may be downloaded in English, French and Spanish. Read more about the main topics addressed by the Assembly here.

SMA's International Involvement

Singapore Medical Association is the representative national medical association of Singapore and has membership in the World Medical Association (WMA), the Confederation of Medical Associations in Asia and Oceania (CMAAO), and the Medical Association of SE Asian Nations (MASEAN).

Through our membership in these organisations, we seek to advance healthcare in Singapore and beyond our shores as we share perspectives and experiences through formal and informal forums.

For doctors in Singapore who are planning to practice overseas in the short or long term, SMA can assist in providing connections with the corresponding national medical association so that you can stay in touch with Singapore, as well as find support in your intended country of practice.