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<January 2019>

SMA eMarket

SMA recognises that it is crucial for the sector to adopt effective procedures to function at an optimal level within the healthcare landscape today. After more than 60% of SMA Member respondents indicated their interest in a central e-procurement platform for medical supplies in a 2016 survey, we have developed the SMA eMarket portal to meet this need.

The SMA eMarket is a niche online portal that allows SMA Members and their clinic assistants to search, meet, discuss, place orders, inform delivery, receipt goods and invoice with the suppliers (e.g. medical device companies, clinic related service providers) in a more time-efficient manner. It connects buyers and suppliers on a common online platform, providing seamless communication and real-time order tracking features to improve the productivity of all parties.


Access the portal with your SMA Member ID* and start exploring today!

Click HERE to download user guide


*Your Member ID is the email address you indicated upon your membership sign up. You can reset your password on the SMA website at Contact us at 6223 1264 or email if you have any queries.

SMA and the eMarket portal does not take on the role of distribution and any transaction (except in cases where SMA becomes a supplier of the specific service) will be between that of the Buyer and Supplier.