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Part of the activities of the SMA Charity Fund

Public Health Screening

A yearly screening organised by the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, the event reaches out to the public, exhorting a healthy lifestyle while providing free health screening for residents. PHS aims to increase public awareness of health issues by providing screening services, and participants with abnormal screening results are urged to seek early treatment.

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WHB-SMACF Outstanding Mentor Awards ( formerly called WHB-SMA Outstanding Mentor Awards)

The awards are given by the Wong Hock Boon Society in appreciation to mentors who had made an impact in the medical students’ research. SMA started supporting the award when it first started in 2012, to recognise the efforts of the senior medical professionals and educators who have make an impact to the learning of the medical students.

SMACF took over in 2014 and continues to recognise that the achievements of medical students are often made possible through the guidance of senior medical professionals and educators. The award was renamed WHB-SMACF Outstanding Mentor Award in 2014.

Award Recipients List
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NUS Medical Society - Project Legacy

Project Legacy is an initiative by a group of medical students who believe in helping patients to celebrate their life by producing a keepsake of their choice that they can pass on to loved ones. This can take the form of a life-story, photo journal, video montage, recipe collection, i.e. anything that the patient so desires.

Project Legacy has many benefits:
  • Renewed sense of personal power and importance
  • Recognition of past achievements and contributions
  • Reconciliation of feelings
  • Resurgence in interests and activities

The Singapore Medical Association is glad to be a partner with the students in this project to create memories and to celebrate life, creating a lasting positive impact on the lives of the beneficiary, his/her family, and the medical students. More of the project can be found in the article written by Ms Lim Yu Rui, published in the January 2014 SMA News.

1st International Conference on Humanitarian Medical Missions

SMACF is one of the local partners of the 1st International Conference on Humanitarian Medical Missions, which will be held form 30 October to 1 November 2014 at the Academia. SMA Charity Fund sent a group of 18 medical students from the local medical schools to attend the conference as part of our efforts to promote volunteerism among the medical profession. We believe the value of altruism and contributing to a bigger good should be nurtured when our medical students are going through their medical study and ultimately make them a better doctor - one with the professional skills and the heart to feel!

Part Of The Activities Of The Singapore Medical Association

Singapore Medical Association - Lee Foundation Awards

To mark SMA's 50th anniversary in 2009, SMA and Lee Foundation jointly established two awards for graduating students of the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School students. Lee Foundation kindly contributed a donation of S$200,000 towards the award. The awards are the Singapore Medical Association – Lee Foundation Achievement Prize for the individual with the top score on the Duke-NUS Exit Examination and the Singapore Medical Association – Lee Foundation Teamsmanship Award to honour five students who have demonstrated exemplary team values.

The 2019 winners, awarded at the Duke-NUS Gala Dinner 2019 are:

Singapore Medical Association – Lee Foundation Achievement Prize with a Prize of S$1,000 and a Singapore Medical Association - Lee Foundation trophy: Tang Jing Yong, Kendra

Singapore Medical Association - Lee Foundation Teamsmanship Award with a prize of S$400 and a Singapore Medical Association-Lee Foundation trophy each:
1) Li Enlin
2) Stephanie Senna
3) Vanessa Lim Zi Kun
4) Ng Herng Ngee, Raphael
5) Samantha Tan Ying Ying

Visit https://www.duke-nus.edu.sg/graduation/2021 for details of the Award winners.

The SMA-LF award was first presented during the Inaugural Graduation Celebration and Hooding Ceremony for Duke-NUS’ pioneer cohort of 24 students in 2011.

YLL-SoM Annual Graduate Scientific Congress Awards

The Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine Annual Graduate Scientific Congress (AGSC) offers NUHS (YLLSOM, SSHSPH, ALCNS, FOD & CSI) graduate students and also Wong Hock Boon Society MBBS research students, an opportunity to interact, share and showcase their scientific discoveries through oral and poster presentations. SMA is a proud partner in the support of 3 different type of awards for good quality research since the 2012 Congress.

  1. SMA-WHB awards for undergraduate students
  2. SMA Clinical Research awards for both graduate and MBBS students
  3. SMA Public Health Research awards for both graduate and MBBS students

Visit https://medicine.nus.edu.sg/ for details of the Award winners.