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List Of Donors

Donor Acknowledgement
Dr S A Aziz Noordin
Dr Hardie Billy
Ms Emily Chan
Dr Chan Kong Ho
Mr Chen Jee Meng
Ms Cheng May Ling
Mr Chew Zheng Hao
Ms Chia Hue Kian
Dr Martin Chio Tze-Wei
Dr Chua Seng Chew
Dr Chui Chan Hon
Mr Talib K Dohadwaia
Mr Caesar Goh
Mr Goh Hock Guan
Mr Guna
Dr Kurugulasigamoney Gunasegaran
Dr Ram Pratab Jeyaratnam
Ms Juan Meng Yag
Dr Damodharan Karthikeyan
Ms Koh Ming Zhen
Mr Johan Kustedja
Dr Lee Lay Tin
Dr Lee Shu Ying
Mr Lee Weng Foo
Dr Angela Leong Su Chen
Ms Leong Mui Fong
Mr Colin Lim Fung Wan
Mr Danny Lim Teck Chai
Dr Gale Lim Jue Shuang
Dr Lim Hwee Leng
Dr Jeremy Lim Fung Yen
Mr Lim Ji Hsien
Dr Lim Tian Zhi
Mr Lin Jyh Hsien
Dr Liow Pei Hsiang
Dr Lok Ying Fang
Prof Low Cheng Hock
Mrs Angela Low-Ee
Ms Aadya Navandar
Dr Shaina Neo Hui Min
Mdm Maisy Ng Mun Lan
Dr Steven Ng Chin Yuen
A/Prof Ng Wai Hoe
Dr Caroline Ong Choo Phaik
A/Prof Ong Chiou Li
Dr Ong Eng Cheng
Dr Ong Eng Cheng
Dr Ong Eng Cheng
Dr Sukhvinder Singh
Ms Mohana Rani Suppiah
Dr Tan Cheng Lim
Mr Tan Gim Hong
Mr Tan Sung Chyn
Adj Prof Tan Sze Wee
Mr Tan Teo Chye
Mr Tan Tze Chin
Mr Tan Wee Tong
Dr Tan Wu Meng
Ms Tan Xeau Wei
Dr Harvey James Teo Eu Leong
Mr Teo Jing
Dr Tham Siew Nee nee Wong
Mr Toh Han Pin
Dr Luke Michael Toh Han Wei
Dr Matthias Paul Toh Han Sim
Ms Celine Wong JingYi
Dr Wong Mee Kuen
Dr Woo Chin Yee
Ms Wu Xiaofang
Dr Yap Boh Wei
Ms Vivien Yap Lian Hiang
Other anonymous donors
Alpha Omega Medical Pte Ltd
Apex Cardiology Pte Ltd
Skin Health Singapore Pte Ltd
Mr & Mrs Chacha
Mr Choy Yut Hong
Mr Joshua Lim
Dr Tan Chee Beng
Mdm Teoh Kheng Huah
Dr Michael Benedict Toh Kok Kuan
The above list is from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018 and may not be exhaustive. If we have inadvertently ommitted the names of any donors, we apologise for the oversight

We thanked all donors who have contributed to the growth of SMA Charity Fund for the past years.