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SMJ - Current Issue

September 2015

Practice Integration & Lifelong Learning

Hoarding in Singapore

Choo KW, Lee WL, How CH, Ng BY
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(9): 484–487;

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Original Articles

Prevalence of abnormal liver function tests and comorbid psychiatric disorders among patients with anorexia nervosa and eating disorders not otherwise specified in the anorexia nervosa DSM-IV criteria

Goh KH, Lee EL
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(9): 488–492;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Pharmacist review and its impact on Singapore nursing homes

Chia HS, Ho JA, Lim BD
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(9): 493-501;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Tuberculosis trends over a five-year period at a tertiary care university-affiliated hospital in Singapore

Jappar SB, Low SY
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(9): 502-505;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Impact of infection control training for interns on PICU-acquired bloodstream infections in a middle income country

Ng YY, Abdel-Latif ME, Gan CS, Siham A, Zainol H, Lum LC
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(9): 506-512;

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Granular cell tumour: malignant or benign?

Singh VA, Gunasagaran J, Pailoor J
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(9): 513-517;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Are doctors assessing patients with hypertension appropriately at their initial presentation?

Wong SS, Lee PY, Ng CJ, Hanafi NS, Chia YC, Lai PS, Liew SM, Khoo EM
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(9): 518-522;

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Medical Education

Clinics in diagnostic imaging (162)

Singh DR, Pulickal GG, Lo ZJ, Peh WC
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(9): 523-527;

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Case Reports

A rare case of intratesticular leiomyoma

Yong ZP, Liu ZB, Chau C, Chong KT
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(9): e145–e146;

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Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis resembling Rasmussen’s encephalitis on magnetic resonance imaging

Jakkani RK, Sureka J, Panwar S
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(9): e147–e149;

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Book Review

Understanding and preventing sudden death: Your Life Matters

Ong HY
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(9): 529;


Letters to the Editor

Comment on: Deliberate self-harm in adolescents

Ong SH
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(9): 530;


Authors' reply: Deliberate self-harm in adolescents

Lauw M, How CH, Loh B
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(9): 530;


Uterine perivascular epithelioid cell tumour and the assessment of its malignant potential

Leow WQ, Selvarajan S
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(9): 531;


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