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SMJ - Current Issue

August 2015

Review Article

The effectiveness of corticosteroid injection in the treatment of plantar fasciitis

Ang TW
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): 423-432;

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Practice Integration & Lifelong Learning

Vitamin D deficiency

Gani LU, How CH
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): 433-437;

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Pictorial Essay

Imaging of acute cholecystitis and cholecystitis-associated complications in the emergency setting

Chawla A, Bosco JI, Lim TC, Srinivasan S, Teh HS, Shenoy JN
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): 438-444;

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Original Articles

Implementation of an obstetric cell salvage service in a tertiary women's hospital

Lew E, Tagore S
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): 445-449;

[Abstract] [PDF] [PMC] [References]

Myopia in young patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Handa S, Chia A, Htoon HM, Lam PM, Yap F, Ling Y
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): 450-454;

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Infant lumbar and thoracic epidurals for abdominal surgeries: cases in a paediatric tertiary institution

Thong SY, Sin EI, Chan DX, Shahani JM
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): 455-459;

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The 11-item Medication Adherence Reasons Scale: reliability and factorial validity among patients with hypertension in Malaysian primary healthcare settings

Shima R, Farizah H, Majid HA
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): 460-467;

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The effects of the Trendelenburg position and the Valsalva manoeuvre on internal jugular vein diameter and placement in children

Dincyurek GN, Mogol EB, Turker G, Yavascaoglu B, Gurbet A, Kaya FN, Moustafa BR, Yazici T
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): 468-471;

[Abstract] [PDF] [PMC] [References]

Optimal head rotation and puncture site for internal jugular vein cannulation after laryngeal mask airway insertion

Kim WH, Gwak MS, Choi SJ, Song SH, Kim MH
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): 472-478;

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Case Reports

Phaeochromocytoma presenting with pseudo-intestinal obstruction and lactic acidosis

Kek PC, Ho ET, Loh LM
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): e131–e133;

[Abstract] [PDF] [PMC] [References]

Vaginal metastasis presenting as postmenopausal bleeding

Ng QJ, Namuduri RP, Yam KL, Lim-Tan SK
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): e134–e136;

[Abstract] [PDF] [PMC] [References]

Optimising utilisation of kidneys from very young deceased donors: the technique of en bloc kidney transplantation

Wang Z, Yap HK, Prabhakaran K, Tiong HY
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): e137–e138;

[Abstract] [PDF] [PMC] [References]

Awake tracheal intubation in a patient with a supraglottic mass with the Bonfils fibrescope after failed attempts with a flexible fibrescope

Liew G, Leong XF, Wong T
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): e139–e141;

[Abstract] [PDF] [PMC] [References]

Isolation of multidrug-resistant Salmonella in Singapore

Phoon YW, Chan YY, Koh TH
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): e142–e144;

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Letters to the Editor

The 'clamshell' approach to emergency department thoracotomy

Goh ES, Cheah YL, Mak KS
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): 481;


Digital ischaemia following inadvertent arterial cannulation of a peripherally inserted central catheter in a very low birth weight infant

Teo MC, Shah VA
Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): 482-483;


CME Answers

June 2015 CME Answers

Singapore Med J 2015; 56(8): 483