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SMJ - Past Issues

June 2013

Practice Integration & Lifelong Learning

Prescribing health: exercise

Law KH, How CH, Ng CS, Ng CW
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): 303-308;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References] [CME Questionnaire]

Original Articles

Psychometric properties of the Iranian version of the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory™ Short Form 15 Generic Core Scales

Pakpour AH
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): 309-314;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Effect of testosterone propionate on hippocampal pyramidal neuron number in female rats

Candemir M, Semiz S, Yonguc GN, Ozdemir MB, Abban-Mete G, Adiguzel E
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): 315-320;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

The modified Medical Research Council dyspnoea scale is a good indicator of health-related quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Hsu KY, Lin JR, Lin MS, Chen W, Chen YJ, Yan YH
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): 321-327;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Is semen polymorphonuclear leucocytes count a good predictor of male genital tract infection?

Chen L, Yu SL, Rajesh H
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): 328-331;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Management of ruptured intracranial aneurysms in the post-ISAT era: outcome of surgical clipping versus endovascular coiling in a Singapore tertiary institution

Koh KM, Ng Z, Low SY, Chua HZ, Chou N, Low SW, Yeo TT
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): 332-338;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Pattern of psychiatric morbidity among theft offenders remanded or referred for psychiatric evaluation and factors associated with reoffence

Chan LG, Bharat S, Dani SK
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): 339-342;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Enteric duplication in children: clinical presentation and outcome

Rasool N, Safdar CA, Ahmad A, Kanwal S
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): 343-346;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Medical Education

Clinics in diagnostic imaging (147)

Tan TJ, Leong CH, Sim SJ
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): 347-352; Erratum in: Singapore Med J 2013; 54(7): 418.

[Abstract] [PDF] [References] [CME Questionnaire]

Case Reports

Severe bradycardia and prolonged hypotension in ciguatera

Chan TY
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): e120–e122;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

A case of continuous-type splenogonadal fusion

Jayasundara JA, Vithana VH, Lamahewage AK
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): e123–e124;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Paradoxical increase in uric acid level with allopurinol use in pyrazinamide-induced hyperuricaemia

Gerdan V, Akkoc N, Ucan ES, Bulac Kir S
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): e125–e126;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

A case of systemic nocardiosis in systemic vasculitis and a review of the literature

Sirisena D, Al Swedan L, Jayne D, Chakravarty K
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): e127–e130;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Duplicated anterior belly of the digastric muscle

Rani A, Chopra J, Rani A, Verma RK
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): e131–e132;

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Docetaxel (Taxotere®)-induced cavitary change of pulmonary metastatic lesions complicated by bilateral spontaneous pneumothoraces in a patient with primary adenocarcinoma of the lung

Kao HL, Lin WC, Hsu HH, Huang GS
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): e133–e134;; Erratum in: Singapore Med J 2014; 55(1): 51.

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Y-type partial duplication of a vaginal ectopic ureter with ipsilateral hypoplastic pelvic kidney and bicornuate uterus

Chen S, Zhu L, Yang S, Tan J
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): e135–e137;; Erratum in: Singapore Med J 2014; 55(1): 51.

[Abstract] [PDF] [References]

Medical History

Dr Sun Yat-sen (1866–1925): medical doctor and China’s founding president

Lee KH, Wong TK, Ng KH
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): 356-358;

[Summary] [PDF] [References]

Letters to the Editor

Optimisation of cholesterol management

Hofmeister M
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): 359;


Author's reply

Chua T
Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): 360;


CME Answers

April 2013 CME Answers

Singapore Med J 2013; 54(6): 360