Formed in 1959, the Singapore Medical Association (SMA) is the national medical organisation representing the majority of medical practitioners in both the public and private sectors.

The objectives of the SMA are:

Membership Benefits

As an SMA member, you will receive the following benefits:


Secretariat Services

The SMA Secretariat provides the following services to members:


Community Services

SMA conducts the following courses:


Complimentary Welcome Pack

Upon joining SMA, you will receive the following items:


To All The Following Questions, There Is Only One Answer – SMA


How To Apply For Membership?

You may write in for an application form from the SMA at the followinng address: 2 College Road, Alumni Medical Centre, Singapore 169850. Alternnatively, you can call the SMA at 223-1264 of fax 224-7827.

Membership Categories

Ordinary Members joining the Association during the second half of the year need to pay only half the annual subscription in respect of that year.