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38TH SMA COUNCIL - 1997/1998
 (The SMA President & Hon Sec are ex-officio members of all committees)

  Chairman            : Dr T B Lim 
  Vice Chairman    : Dr Wong Chiang Yin 
  Members            : Dr Goh Jin Hian, Dr Tan Kok Soo, Dr Tan Sze Wee 

 1. Ethics 
     Chairman         : Dr P Y Cheong 
     Vice Chairman : A/Prof Low Cheng Hock 
     Members         : Dr Chong Yeh Woei, Dr Goh Jin Hian, Dr Douglas Kong, 
                              Dr T B Lim, Dr Alfred Loh, Dr Tan Kok Soo, Dr Tan Seang Beng 
                              Dr Tan Sze Wee, Dr Tang Kok Foo, Dr T Thirumoorthy 
 2. Ethical Issues & Policy Review 
     Chairman         : Dr T Thirumoorthy 
     Members         : Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Dr Saw Huat Seong, A/Prof Lee Kok Onn, 
                              Dr Lee Pheng Soon, Dr Wong Wee Nam 
 3. Professional Indemnity 
     Chairman         : Dr T B Lim 
     Vice Chairman : Dr Tan Kok Soo 
     Members         : Dr Chow Kah Kiong, Dr George Yeo Seow Heong, Dr Goh Jin Hian 

 1. Publication 
     Chairman         : Dr P Y Cheong 
     Secretary         : Dr Wong Chiang Yin 
     Members         : Dr Goh Jin Hian (Hon Treasurer), Dr Lee Pheng Soon (Marketing), 
                              Dr Wong Tien Yin (Circulation), A/Prof Kua Ee Heok (Editor, 
                              Singapore Medical Journal), A/Prof Goh Lee Gan (Deputy Editor,SMJ;
                              Editor, SMA News), Dr Sonny Wang (Deputy Editor) 
 2. Singapore Medical Journal  
     Editor              : A/Prof Kua Ee Heok (2-yr term in accordance with provision of SMA 
     Deputy Editors : A/Prof Goh Lee Gan (News & Education Sections), Dr Sonny Y T 
                              Wang (Scientific Section) 
     Members         : Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Dr Jothi Kumar, Dr Quak Seng Hock, 
    (Scientific           Dr Saw Huat Seong, Dr Low Yin Peng, Dr Ivy Yap, Dr Helen Oh- 
     Section)            Hoong, Dr Phoon Wai Hoong, Dr Yeo Seow Heong 
    Members          : Dr Lim Lean Huat, Dr Lau Hong Choon, Dr Richard M H Ng, 
    (Education Section)  A/Prof Ng Han Seong 
 3. SMA News 
     Editor              : A/Prof Goh Lee Gan 
     Asst Editor      : Dr Wong Chiang Yin 
     Members         : Dr Au Kah Kay, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Dr Chan Kah Poon, A/Prof 
                              Chee Yam Cheng, Dr Goh Jin Hian, Dr Jon Goh, Dr Tan Hooi Hwa 

 1. Private Practice 
     Chairman          : Dr Tan Kok Soo 
     Vice-Chairman : Dr Wong Weng Hong 
     Members          : Dr Cheng Li Chang, Dr Chong Yeh Woei, Dr Vincent Kwok, Dr Peter
                               Y C Lee, Dr Suraj Kumar, Dr Neo Eak Chan, Dr Pang Ah San, Dr 
                               Tan See Leng, Dr Tan Seok Leng 
 2. Medical Officers 
     Chairman          : Dr Yue Wai Mun 
     Vice-Chairman : Dr Foo Chuan Kit 
     Members          : Dr Eric Chiam, Dr Goh Jin Hian, Dr Ho Kok Yuen, Dr Lim Yeow 
                               Wai, Dr Tan Sze Wee, Dr Wong Tien Yin, Dr Ian Yeo Yew San 
 3. Membership 
     Chairman         : A/Prof Low Cheng Hock 
     Vice-Chairman : Dr T B Lim 
     Members         : Dr V Anantharaman, Dr Goh Jin Hian, Dr Hsu Li Fern, Dr Lee Pheng 
                              Soon, Dr Yue Wai Mun 
 4. SMA Trust Fund 
     Chairman          : Dr Khoo Chong Yew 
     Secretary          : Dr Tan Yew Ghee 
     Treasurer          : Dr Low Lip Ping 
     Trustees            : Dr Koh Eng Kheng, Dr Arthur S M Lim 
 5. Sports & Games 
     Chairman          : Dr Tan Yew Ghee 
     Convenors        : Dr Alvin Koo (Billiard), Dr Steven Yeoh (Bowling), Dr Wong Yip 
                               Chong (Chess), Dr Goh Hoon Pur (Golf), Dr Robert Tan (Golf), Dr 
                               Khoo Boo Kwee (Golf), Dr Tan Yew Ghee (Soccer), Dr Jonathan 
                               Pang (Squash), Dr Julian Theng (Tennis), Dr Siak Chong Leng (Track) 
 6. Dinner 
     Chairman          : Dr Lee Pheng Soon 
 7. Informatics 
     Chairman          : A/Prof Goh Lee Gan 
     Vice-Chiarman : A/Prof K C Lun 
     Secretary          : Dr Tan Sze Wee 
     Members          : Dr Au Kah Kay, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Dr Chia Shi-Lu, Dr Eugene 
                               Loke, Dr Colin Quek, Dr Ivan Shim, Dr Kelvin Tan Kok Hian, Dr Tan
                               Tin Wee, Dr Wong Poi Kwong, Dr Jason Yap Chin Huat, Dr Yue Wai

 1. Healthcare Asst Course 
     Chairman          : Dr Jason S K Yap 
     Vice-Chairman : Dr Richard M H Ng 
 2. CPR Training Programme 
     Chairman         : Dr Low Lip Ping 
     Members         : Mr Patrick Deroose, Ms Celestine Fong (SNA), Mr I Kamaldin, Dr 
                              Koo Chee Choong, Ms Ng Ah Chee, Ms Ng Siok Eng, Dr Susan 
                              Quek, Dr Baldev Singh, Dr Teo Wee Siong, Dr Jason S K Yap 
 3. Medik Awas 
     Chairman         : A/Prof Ti Teow Yee 
     Members         : A/Prof Lee How Sun, Dr Chan Kah Poon, Dr Chok Ching Chay, 
                              Dr Tan Chay Hoon 
 4. Community Health Education 
     Chairman          : Dr Goh Jin Hian 
     Vice-Chairman : Dr Tan Sze Wee 
     Members          : Dr Adrian Tan Yong Kuan, Dr Fabian Yap, Dr Audrey Tan (THE) 
 5. Home Healthcare 
     Chairman         : Dr P Y Cheong 
     Co-Chairman   : Dr Mary Ann Tsao (Tsao Foundation) 
     Vice-Chairman : Dr Goh Jin Hian 
     Secretary         : Dr Wong Weng Hong 
     Members         : Dr Jason S K Yap, Dr Chew Ling (MOH),  Mr Cheong Kah Meng, 
                              Ms Tay Pei Ling (HNF), Ms Susan Mende (Tsao Foundation), Ms 
                              Susie Kong (SNA),Representative from Touch Community Services. 

 1. GOF (until publication of 3rd Edition) 
     Chairman          : Dr Y G Tan 
     Members          : A/Prof Goh Lee Gan, Dr T B Lim, Dr Tan Kok Soo 
 2. Fitness to Drive 
     Chairman          : Dr Phoon Wai Hoong 
     Secretary          : Dr Pok Yang Hang 
     Members          : Dr Johan Abdullah, Prof Chao Tzee Cheng, Dr Chia Kee Seng, Dr 
                               Chong Piang Ngok, Dr Adrian Ee, Dr Ling Sing Lin, Dr Low Lip Ping, 
                               Dr Richard M H Ng, Dr E M Reuben, Dr Tan Chai Beng, Dr Tay 
                               Boon Keng, Dr Teo Hock Hye, Dr Victor Yong 
     Reps                : DSP Tee Eng Peng (Traffic Police), ASP Salahudin Yahya (Traffic 
                               Police), Mr David Yeo (LTA) 
 3. Inter-Professional Workshop 
     Chairman         : Dr Wong Chiang Yin 
 4. Convention 
     Chairman         : Dr Wong Weng Hong