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1.  Ethics Committee 
The Ethics Committee will focus on reviewing and publishing a revised SMA Ethical Code. Dr TB Lim will submit sections of the revised guidelines to the Ethics Committee every 2 months for discussion, after which, the deliberations will be submitted to the Council for approval before they are published in the SMJ for the information of members. 
     “The Ethics Committee will also work towards streamlining the guidelines on handling of complaint cases. These guidelines will be also be published in the SMJ.”  – Dr Cheong Pak Yean, Chairman 

2.  Ethical Issues & Policy Review Committee 
“This year, the Committee will concentrate on organising the Ethics Seminar, which will be held in conjunction with the 1997 SMA Lecture in October.” – Dr T Thirumoorthy, Chairman 

3.  Publications Committee 
“The Committee plans to create a standard design for all our publications. It will also manage the financial aspects of the publications.” - Dr Cheong Pak Yean, Chairman 
4.  Private Practice Committee 
“The first thing our committee will be looking at is the guidelines on charges of medication. After that, we will meet with the insurance association to discuss medical examination requirements and charges for patients who require medical reports or examinations for insurance claims purposes.” – Dr Tan Kok Soo, Chairman 

5. Medical Officers Committee 
“We will continue with our activities such as the MO Posting Exchange Programme. The Committee will also explore ways of improving the medical benefits of young MOs in civil service.” – Dr Yue Wai Mun, Chairman 

6.  Informatics Committee 
“The Informatics Committee will continue to maintain and improve our SMA Web Page. We are also exploring with NCB the possibility of setting up a nation wide healthcare network that will allow transmission of patient’s information among hospitals and clinics.” – Dr Tan Sze Wee, Secretary 

7. Healthcare Assistant Course 
“We plan to improve the question bank of the course examination. We will also consider setting up a feedback mechanism for course participants so that we can improve on our current programme.” – Dr Jason Yap, Chairman 

8.  CPR Training Programme 
“The CPR Committee will finalise the course manuals for adult and infant CPR we have been compiling over the past year. Besides carrying on the courses, we will also try to adopt the new style of training and conducting our courses.” – Dr Low Lip Ping, Chairman 

9.  Home Healthcare 
“This is a new Committee that will facilitate the setting up of Home Care Assistant Training Programme. ITE has approved the course and we are currently waiting for SDF support. This course will be offered as a second module of the Healthcare Assistant Course. This Committee will also help establish a Home Care Association, which will involve the participation of various home care organisations, such as the TSAO Foundation and Touch Community Services.” – Dr Cheong Pak Yean, Chairman 

10. SMJ/SMA News 
“The new SMJ and the SMA News have made improvements to meet the needs of the medical profession by providing professional information, news and views that are relevant and timely. We will continue to make this joint publication useful to the Singapore doctor and improve on it. We need the support of each SMA member in contributing papers, ideas, views and comments. Big or small, each contribution is appreciated and welcomed.” 
– A/Prof Goh Lee Gan, Editor, SMA News