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We are delighted that the Ministry of Health has commissioned a reputable independent consultancy firm to conduct a survey of Medical Officers in the public service to identify the root of the problems resulting in the exodus of MO from the public sector. This is indeed a positive step in addressing the problem.

This is an entirely independent study meaning that the results will be collected, collated and analysed by an independent consultancy firm. The final results of the study will be presented to the Ministry. The Ministry will have no access of the raw data; henceforth anonymity is ensured.

The survey is conducted in the form of a 3 page questionnaire comprising of a series of questions all of which require an option graded response.

This is an excellent platform for medical officers to communicate with the Ministry. Unfortunately, the turnout for these sessions has been dismal, probably partly because many MOs were not aware of such a study taking place as well as the inconvenient time slots allocated, mostly during ward rounds hours. The Medical Officer Committee will bring forth these points to the Ministry and the respective consultancy firm. But it is imperative that we MOs do our part by participating in this study, as the study will only be meaningful and reflective of our feelings only if we are sufficiently represented.

Finally, the Medical Officer Committee eagerly awaits the release of the findlings of the Survey and hope that the Ministry will respond to the opinions positively and expediently.