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main.jpg (3745 bytes) -:The address of the SMA Website is The left-hand column of the main page of the Website has a row of buttons showing the sections of the site.
about.jpg (4004 bytes) -:On clicking this button, the objectives of the Association, membership benefits, services to members, courses for the community and how to apply for membership are shown.
const.jpg (3862 bytes) -:The Constitution of the Association is available on-line. Article I describes the name, motto and emblem of the Association. Article II and Article III describe the objects & powers and membership respectively.
council.jpg (4547 bytes) -:The listing includes members of the SMA Council, Committess, Publication Group, Practice & Membership Services Group, Community Services & Education Group, and Professional Interest Groups.
members.jpg (3571 bytes) -:The membership directory is available here. There are four ways that one can search for someone in the membership. One can search alphabetically, by name, by SMC No., or by membership type.
hotnews.jpg (3959 bytes) -:"Hot news" opens up the important current event(s) of the Association. The launch of the SMA Website and the signing of the MOU between the Association and Nationaly University of Singapore is one such item.
smanews.jpg (4480 bytes) -:The whole SMA News is also available on-line. The contents page of the present issue is shown on clicking the button. Clicking on "Past issues" can access the past issues of 1997.
smj.jpg (3160 bytes) -:The whole issue of the SMJ is available on-line. The content  page of the present issue is shown on clicking the button. Clicking on "Past Issues" can access the past issues of 1997.
search.jpg (3714 bytes) -:A Glimpse Web search engine is available for searching the whole SMJ or SMA News archive by a word or a string of words eg."elderly" or "frail elderly". The results of the query can be a paper in the SMJ or SMA News or a reference cited by the authors in a paper.
fees.jpg (4438 bytes) -:The "Fees Guidelines" button opens up the current fees guidelines for a short, long and extended consultation for the GP and the specialist. The footnote describes the definition of the different types of consultation.
health1.jpg (3270 bytes) -:This button opens up Health One. An introduction to its contents follows.