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Do you know...?  What We Heard About Non Medical Training...

The training of young doctors in the Civil Service is currently skewed towards development of professional competency through continuing medical education. Training courses conducted at the Civil Service College and Institute of Policy and Management have to date not been generally offered to young doctors in Government and Restructured Hospitals. These courses provide generic training ranging from communication to managerial skills.

It is very useful for young doctors to broaden their non-medical training in for instance communication, presentation and writing which are not covered in the medical training they receive in their hospitals. It is our belief that a holistic approach to the training and development of young doctors will further enhance their effectiveness as practising doctors.

The SMA MO Committee has approached the HR department of MOH on this subject. We have been told that all department supervisors should work out with each HO/MO on his/her training needs _ which includes non-medical training, and this should be reflected in their individual training road map for that year. The courses should aim to develop competencies that would enhance his/her performance at work.

We understand that the training target for FY 98/99 is 10 working days for all civil servants. We also appreciate that it may not be possible for all HO/MOs to meet that target considering the manpower constraints in the wards. Regardless, do approach your training supervisors and work out your own training road map.

Happy Training.