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SMC Election 1998

The SMA learnt on 17 October 1998, about the voting procedures for the forthcoming SMC election when we were approached to assist the SMC to publicise the event. The SMA agreed to the request and the SMC circular, together with a covering letter from SMA was sent to all registered medical practitioners on 23 October 1998.

The SMA October met on 21 October 1998 to discuss the matter further, as well as to address the concerns raised by some members. The Council decided to write to the President of SMC with suggestions for the forthcoming as well as future election procedures. The letter was sent on 22 October 1998.

Prof Balachandran, President of SMC met with Dr Cheong Pak Yean, President of SMA on 23 October 1998. The SMA learnt that the voting procedure is a prelude to future elections, (the next would probably be held in May) where voting via the Internet would be implemented. With the new Internet voting procedure, doctors would not be required to vote in person at a particular venue.