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Garfield - "Christmas Rap - 1998"

On the twelfth day before Christmas
My big boss said to me
The bad times are here now
Got to cut your salary

On the eleventh day before Christmas
My dear wife said to me
My company’s in a bad shape
Prepare to chiak kah kee

On the tenth day before Christmas
My best friend said to me
Business has cash-flow problems
Please lend me some money

On the ninth day before Christmas
My cousin said to me
I have lost my job
Besides sympathy I need charity

On the eighth day before Christmas
My neighbour said to me
I need five thousand dollars
To pay my doctors’ fees

On the seventh day before Christmas
My mortgagee said to me
I am running out of patience
He sounded very angry

On the sixth day before Christmas
My secretary said to me
The bank manager called urgently
Something’s wrong with my OD

On the fifth day before Christmas
I said to my family
The maid has to go
We can’t afford the luxury

On the fourth day before Christmas
I instructed my family
No more visits to the GP
If sakit, go to OPD

On the third day before Christmas
I told my family
Please excuse me
If I’m short-tempered and moody

On the second day before Christmas
My children said to me
Daddy is it true
We can’t afford a Christmas tree

On the day before Christmas
I said to my children three
What you get on Christmas Day
Depends on the results of the 4D