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Medical Officers' Column

Do You Know About ... The Matrimonial Leave Issue and PSD's ( Public Service Division) Stand On It?

The SMA MO Committee had received a letter from a first-year medical officer asking for more information on the matrimonial leave (1) benefits for doctors in the Civil Service in September 1998. An informal check with most statutory boards, private companies and even our restructured hospitals revealed that they do offer matrimonial leave benefits to their employees as part of their employment benefits. We also understand that some schools do have matrimonial leave benefits for their teachers too.

A recent check with the Ministry of Health and the Public Service Division revealed that civil service doctors do not have matrimonial leave benefits. The reason offered by Public Service Division was that our leave scheme was generous enough.

Well, all is not lost. Your spouse may enjoy such benefits unless of course, he or she is a civil servant!


Note: (1) Matrimonial leave is leave granted to an employee for his marriage. This leave is over and above our annual paid leave. We understand that leave benefits can range from 3 - 5 days in some organisations.