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Vol 31 No. 5 May 1999

"Report of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on the Healthcare Needs of the Elderly"

President’s Forum -

"Key Issues for Comments"

Commentary -
"Setting and Maintaining the Standard of the SMA News"

Reports -
"30th SMA National Medical Convention"

"The SMA 40th Anniversary Dinner"

"Speech by Mr Yeo Cheow Tong, Minister for Health, at the 40th Anniversary SMA Dinner"

"Welcome Address by A/Prof Cheong Pak Yean, Out-going President"

"Out-going President's Valedictory Address at the SMA Annual Dinner 1999"

"In-coming President Address at the SMA Annual Dinner 1999"

"Citation on Dr Robert Loh Choo Kiat, SMA Honorary Member"

"Citation on Emeritus Professor K Shanmugaratnam, SMA Honorary Member"