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JULY 2005


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The SMA News - Past & Present
By Assoc Prof Goh Lee Gan

Past and Present

As I See It - The SMA Newsletter (from March/April 1985 issue)
By Dr Goh Lee Gan

Desperate Housemen and Medical Drama in the Last 100 Years
By Dr Toh Han Chong, Editor

SMA - 25 Years (from March/April 1985 issue)

Recollections of a Caveman
By Dr Lee Pheng Soon, SMA President

Medical Ethics and Advertising Since 1959 (from March/April 1985 issue)
By Dr Clarence Tan Tiong Tee

Publicity and the Doctor (from June/December 1975 issue)
By Dr Gwee Ah Leng

Medical Ethics in 2005
By Dr Tan Chi Chiu

Dollars and Sense in Medical Care (from April/May 1975 issue)
By Dr Koh Eng Kheng

Dollars and Sense in Healthcare Revisited
By Dr Jeremy Lim, Editorial Board Member


I, Elite


Meeting Dame Carol Black
By Dr Toh Han Chong, Editor

Medical Education

UK Graduate Medical Education: Modernising Medical Careers
By Adrian Ooi

Another Perspective on Physician Training: US Graduate Medical Education
By Dr Chan Kwai Tung

A Doc's Life

Ol' Blues and Rare Soul
By Dr Lee Chung Horn, Editorial Board Member

Personally Speaking

Flight of the Dodo Bird
By Dr Lee Kheng Hock


Primary Care Survey 2005
By Dr Wong Tien Hua

SAPI Guidelines on Sponsorships, Gifts and Hospitality
By SAPI Marketing Practices Committee

A Toxicological Disaster
By Drug and Poison Information Centre (DPIC)


The views and opinions expressed in all the articles are those of the authors. These are not the views of the Editorial Board nor the SMA Council unless specifically stated so in writing. The contents of the Newsletter are not to be printed in whole or in part without prior written approval of the Editor.

The SMA News is published monthly by the
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