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The SMA News Interviews Professor Lim Pin
By Dr Jeremy Lim, Editorial Board Member

Council News

1. SMA Constitution Amendments Approved by ROS
2. Meet Your Council
3. Better Medical & Dental Care for Schools
4. Guideline on Fees 4th Edition
5. Congratulations
6. World Medical Association

By Dr Raymond Chua, Honorary Secretary

President's Forum

When Was the Last Time You, as a GP, Saved Somebody's Life?
By Dr Lee Pheng Soon, President


By Dr William Hwang Ying Khee

"Mummy, I Need a Friend ... "
By Dr Lian Wee Bin

Paediatric Emergency Medicine
By Dr Ng Kee Chong

Dying Young
By Dr Grace Pang

Book Review

Seeing Red
Reviewed by Dr Bernadine Woo

When Parents Fight, The Children Cry!
Reviewed by Dr Ong Say How


Sonnet: Death of Family Medicine

Personally Speaking

From Medical Student to House Officer: Minding the Gap
By Dr Tan Wu Meng, Editorial Board Member

Small Steps at the Feet of Heaven
By Dr Wong Chiang Yin

News in Brief

1. South Asia Earthquake
2. Avian Flu Quotes
3. Nobel Prize in Medicine
4. Keystone Symposia / Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS)


Specialist Training in Singapore




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The SMA News is published monthly by the
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