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What makes the Singapore Medical Association (SMA) tick? The efforts of members of the medical profession who care about the destiny of the medical profession is the obvious answer. It is heartening to see that there are doctors amongst the profession who are prepared to do their bit to move the SMA along. The slate of doctors who are involved in running the SMA for the coming year is listed on page N10 of this SMA News. The workplan for the main events is shown on this page and the plans of some of the chairmen of the Committees are also included. 

The Singapore Medical Association is a large organisation with many responsibilities and activities. We have a small but effective secretariat staffed by a group of executive and clerical officers headed by an executive secretary. ln between AGMs, the SMA Council deliberates on policy decisions. The President and other members of the executive committee are responsible for day-to-day operations and administration. lt takes resolve to ensure that the directions do not drift or be veered by sectarian interests. 

Contributing to the profession through SMA has its sacrifices. Many of us will need to engage locum doctors to do our work while we attend official functions and meetings during office hours. As far as possible, SMA meetings are held way past office hours to the unhappiness of many of our spouses. Happily, we are able to get their support after some explanation. 

What are the rewards? Basically, the reward is an intangible one. It is self-actualisation mainly, to be able to contribute to the destiny of the profession. 

The Singapore Medical Association has enjoyed an improvement in relationship with the Ministry, the Government and the public. This improved relationship enables the views of the medical profession to be effectively put across to influence the direction of our healthcare system. 

It is important to tell you, that you make SMA tick. Those of you who have reviewed and contributed articles to our new SMJ, those who participated in the many SMA activities organised and patiently contributed both time and sweat had made SMA tick. The workplan for the year and the names of those providing leadership provide the template for you to be involved this year. Together we will make SMA tick. 


 Cheong Pak Yean