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JUNE 2005


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Ethical Issues in Aesthetic Medicine
By Dr T Thirumoorthy

Council News

Chairmen of SMA Standing Committees &
Organisations under SMA's Governance 2005-6
By Dr Raymond Chua, Honorary Secretary

President's Forum

"Nothing Endures but Change" - Heraclitus, 540-480 BC)
By Dr Lee Pheng Soon

Aesthetic Medicine

SMA National Medical Convention 2005: Is There Science in Beauty?
By Dr Wong Tien Hua, Chairman of Organising Committee

Keynote Address: Putting the Science in Beauty
By Prof K Satkunanantham, Director of Medical Services

Aesthetic Medicine: A Professional Perspective
By Assoc Prof Goh Lee Gan

Aesthetic Medicine: Questions to Ask Yourself
By Dr Lawrence Ng

Personal Experience in Aesthetic Practice
By Dr Benjamin Yim

Stealing Beauty
By Dr Oh Jen Jen, Editorial Board Member

The Young Ones

A Good History - A Modern Medical Musical
By Wong Chen Seong, Director


Management Lessons from the Sith

Personally Speaking

A New Kind of Disease
By Dr Wong Wee Nam

The Best is Yet to be, so Pray and Work
By Dr Terence Teo


SMA 6th Ethics Essay Award: "Is Medicine a Profession or a Business?"


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