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Mandatory Medical Ethics (MME) Webinar Series 2024 - PROFESSIONALISM

1 CME Point(s)
Subject to SMC's approval


The Mandatory Medical Ethics (MME) Webinar Series 2024 is a 5-webinar series of 1 hour each. The topics will cover the SMC requirements to accumulate MME core points for continuing medical education in 4 basic core topics: (1) Professionalism, (2) Informed Consent, (3) Ethics Analysis, (4) Medical Records,  Privacy and Confidentiality.

Each session will include a short didactic lecture covering the salient content knowledge required for the topic and faculty will then illustrate the ethical principles using case examples to provide guidance on practical application. The session will conclude with a Q&A session to allow participants to clarify doubts and raise specific cases that have troubled them. As an example of the didactic content, the Informed Consent session will cover the components of informed consent: (a) decision-making capacity, (b) voluntariness, (3) disclosure of material advice and (4) authorisation to proceed. Relevant legal principles from the Hii Chii Kok judgement and Section 37 of Civil Law Act will also be addressed. Special situations such as consent in persons under the age of majority, implied consent and presumed consent will be covered as well.

Each webinar is 1 MME CME point. 


SMA MME Webinar on Professionalism:
3 February 2024, 1.30-2.30 pm.
One MME point granted to each attendee.

Cultivating our own Medical Professionalism: Thoughts for ordinary doctors
Dr Lee Pheng Soon, Past-President, SMA, and Past-Executive Director, SMA CMEP


Many doctors seldom think of medical professionalism: we simply try to consistently do our best for our patients. Some of us may even be surprised to hear about books and papers on this topic.  For the “ordinary doctor” not fluent in this topic, this webinar will compare Medical Professionalism with a mature fruiting tree. This tree is strong only because it is grounded with deep roots of the principles of medical ethics (e.g. primacy of patient welfare, patient autonomy, and social justice). From its thick trunk come spreading branches that are the doctor’s lifetime professional commitments (e.g. to professional competence, honesty with patients, and patient confidentiality and others). These branches bear fruits (e.g. duties, competencies, behaviours, values, virtues, outcomes and relationships) that offer rewards: on a daily basis, better depth in clinical judgement, and over the doctor’s career, better achievement of the goals of medicine.       

This webinar will try to address several questions: who has the right to demand better professionalism? Who sets the standards that doctors should aspire to? Who has the right to judge if a doctor has fallen short or not? How do we address a colleague who does not care enough about his professional commitments (e.g. to maintaining professional competence) or refuses to exercise expected behaviours (e.g. of collegial respect) or even violates accepted norms outright (e.g. by forming inappropriate relationships)? The webinar will conclude with a suggestion of how an ordinary doctor, already struggling to cope with a heavy clinical load, can successfully cultivate his own medical professionalism, and thus grow in his ability to support his patients.



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Registration closes on Thursday, 1 Feb, 11.59pm. Confirmation emails will be sent by Friday, 2 Feb.


If your Practising Certificate expired on 31 Dec 2023 and was renewed on 1 Jan 2024, you may start accumulating MME now.

If your Practising Certificate expires only on 31 Dec 2024, you do not need to accumulate MME until 1 Jan 2025. If you complete any MME activities before 1 Jan 2025, you will only get non-core CME points. Please check your MME cycle qualifying period carefully because fees paid cannot be refunded.


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03 Feb 2024


1.30pm to 2.30pm (1 hour)


Webinar via Zoom

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