Doctors in Training

The SMA Doctors in Training (DIT) Committee was formed to provide a voice for doctors in training in Singapore. SMA is committed to ensuring that all doctors in training have access to high quality undergraduate, prevocational, and vocational education and training, as well as appropriate working conditions. The Committee provides leadership and representation on issues of importance to junior doctors, including aspects of education, training, health and safety. The Committee also serves as a platform to advocate matters of importance to junior doctors, so as to work towards our vision of an improved healthcare landscape in Singapore.

Doctors in Training (DIT) Committee
Dr Benny Loo Chairperson
Dr Daniel Hap Vice Chairperson
Dr Dorinda Chew Yee Yee Vice Chairperson
Dr Wang Zhe Min Vice Chairperson
Prof Paul Ananth Tambyah Advisor
Dr Wong Tien Hua Advisor
Dr Chin Run Ting Member
Dr K Sri Karpageshwary Member
Dr Lee Shu Yi Sonia Member
Dr Lim Kheng Choon Member
Dr Lucy Jennifer Davies Member
Dr Ng Chew Lip Member
Dr Shoban Krishna Kumar Member
Dr Teresa Marie Wong Member
Dr Yong Jin Member

If you would like to share any thoughts with the Committee regarding issues on the ground, please email us at

D.I.T Initiatives
Practice Matter
Residency Programme
Reservist Leave