64th SMA Council

Dear Members, 

I am delighted to announce the 64th SMA Council, who were elected at the recent Annual General Meeting on 30 April 2023. 

Dr Ng Chee Kwan, a urologist in private practice and previously SMA’s 1st Vice President, takes over from Dr Tan Yia Swam to lead the Association.

The members of the 64th SMA Council are:

President – Dr Ng Chee Kwan 
1st Vice President – Dr Tan Yia Swam 
2nd Vice President – Dr Tammy Chan 
Honorary Secretary – Dr Benny Loo 
Honorary Treasurer – Adj Asst Prof Ng Chew Lip 
Honorary Assistant Secretary – Dr Chie Zhi Ying 
Honorary Assistant Treasurer – Dr Lambert Low 

Council Members 
A/Prof Anantham Devanand 
Dr Daniel Lee Hsien Chieh
Dr Lee Pheng Soon 
Dr Lee Yee Mun 
Dr Lim Kheng Choon 
Dr Michael Lim Khong Jin 
Dr Ivan Low 
Dr Raj Kumar Menon 
Adj Prof Tan Sze Wee 
Dr Tina Tan Zhenwen 
Dr Toh Choon Lai 
Dr Wong Chiang Yin 
Dr Wong Tien Hua 

Please join me in welcoming our new Council to the association's leadership team. We hope that our diverse backgrounds, skills, and experience will continue to serve the membership well.

At the AGM, members present also voted to pass 2 constitutional amendments:
* The first amendment relates to a proposed increase of Ordinary membership fees from $200 to $250. The fees were last revised in 2007.
* The second amendment relates to a proposed change that SMA’s AGMs may be held in person, electronically, or a combination of both.

Both amendments were passed with the required two-thirds majority. SMA is in the process of submitting the changes to the Registry of Societies for approval. More details will be announced in the SMA News. 

We appreciate the support of all our members and the valuable contributions that you have made to SMA and the healthcare community. The 64th SMA Council looks forward to working with members to contribute to more positive changes to Singapore healthcare. 

Thank you and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach us via email to membership@sma.org.sg.

Yours sincerely 
Dr Benny Loo
Honorary Secretary
64th SMA Council