Joint CFPS-SMA Advisory on Medical Examinations for Migrant Domestic Workers

We refer to our earlier circular sent on 28 Aug 2021 on the Joint CFPS-SMA Advisory on medical examinations for Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW). 

To assist doctors with their examination of the MDWs, the Ministry of Manpower has kindly provided translations to the set of questions in the joint advisory. The translations are available in the following languages:
Bahasa Indonesia

Please refer to the PDF link below for the translations. Doctors can show the translations to MDWs during the medical examinations.
Translation of key questions (PDF)

For reference, please see below for the initial email sent on 28 Aug 2021.

28 Aug 2021

Following the introduction of the new changes to the Six-Monthly Medical Examination (6ME) for Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW) announced in the joint Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Ministry of Health (MOH) Circular MH 69:07/7-1 dated 5 August 2021, CFPS and SMA would like to issue this advisory to provide guidance to Medical Practitioners who provide 6ME services as part of their practice. This advisory should be read in conjunction with Circular MH 69:07/7-1 as well as MOH Circular 91/2021 (Management of Cases Suspect of Abuse).

In the previous edition of the 6ME, there was a reminder to the medical practitioner that if he or she notices any signs of abuse, the MDW should be referred immediately to the Police or MOM for help. In the new edition of the 6ME, it has now become a requirement to screen for signs of suspicious and unexplained injuries. Other key changes include:

  • Requirement to record the height, body weight and BMI of the MDW
  • Mandatory online submission of all 6ME
  • Need to examine the MDW without the presence of the employer or representative in the examination room. 
  • The assumption of deemed consent from the MDW to be examined for statutory examinations - a signature no longer needs to be obtained. 

These new changes are designed to balance the requirements of an adequate examination to detect abuse, without making it more onerous and time consuming for doctors, while maintaining the dignity of the patient and the affordability of the service.

Please refer to link below for a suggested workflow to cover the requirements in the new 6ME form.
Joint CFPS-SMA Advisory on Medical Examinations for Migrant Domestic Workers - 28 Aug 2021