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Job Description / Job Responsibilities

We are looking for doctors who are interested in broad-based and clinical-focused work at the Departments of Anaesthesia, Emergency Medicine, ICU, Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgery and Surgery.


About the Hospital Clinician career scheme


The Hospital Clinician scheme is a comprehensive and structured long-term career path for doctors who aspire to take on higher duties and wider responsibilities in a hospital setting. Hospital Clinicians will anchor inpatient care services in acute and subacute public hospitals (including Community Hospitals), in a role complementary to specialists. Through development of broad-based as well as clinical focused skills, Hospital Clinicians will form the “backbone” of the hospital’s medical care resource, working in teams with Specialist doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals.

Job Requirements
  1. MOPEX and other locally trained doctors with at least 3 years of clinical and relevant experiences.
  2. Enjoys broad-based work in a variety of different settings in the public sector.
  3. Aspires to take on clinical and admin leadership roles.
Employee Benefits

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14 Nov 2022

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