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SMA Membership Fee Adjustment

Q: Why is there an increase in the membership fee in the year 2024?

A: The membership fees have remained unchanged for the past 16 years, despite the expansion of SMA's functions, the increase in Student members, inflation, and rising costs. Several factors necessitated the fee increase:

  1. Starting from January 1, 2024, all medical professionals will be required to earn compulsory medical ethics points as part of Continuing Medical Education (CME) requirements each year. SMA intends to offer this compulsory ethics CME to its members at no additional cost. The fee increase will primarily fund the necessary infrastructure, including the electronic platform, initial setup expenses, and ongoing maintenance per member.

  2. Operating costs, such as event expenses and rental fees, have increased. Additionally, the financial support from the government's Jobs Support Scheme, introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, has ended. SMA's functions have expanded, and there is a growing number of Student members.

  3. The proportion of Life Members has grown in recent years. Members who have been with SMA for over 30 years no longer pay annual subscriptions but still enjoy full membership benefits. To sustain its operations, SMA has explored various revenue-generating initiatives, such as paid electronic mailers and offering additional services. These efforts have allowed SMA to maintain the membership fee at $200 for the past 16 years. The proposed increase of $50 equates to approximately 1.25% or an annual increment of $4 over the span of 16 years.

Q: What is the revised fee amount?

A: Ordinary membership fees increased from $200 to $250 (before 9% GST).

Q: Will this fee increase affect all categories of members equally?

A: Please refer to the table below: