Presentation of 2021 Awards

Seth Chen

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, SMA was unable to hold our Annual Dinner for the second year running. The awards presentation, which typically takes place during the Dinner, was conducted in the SMA office with only core personnel involved instead.

SMA Honorary Memberships

The SMA Honorary Memberships – the highest honour that SMA can bestow on individuals with significant contributions to the medical profession – were presented to Adj A/Prof Cheong Pak Yean and Dr T Thirumoorthy by SMA President Dr Tan Yia Swam.


SMA Merit Awards

The SMA Merit Awards – in recognition of significant contributions to the SMA and medical profession, social service to the community or commendable personal achievements – were presented to A/Prof Gerald Chua, and Dr Bertha Woon.


Staff Long Service Awards

Our long-serving secretariat staff also received their Long Service Awards, in appreciation of their contribution and dedicated service to the Association.

The following staff received their Long Service Awards:

  • Alina Ng (5 years)
  • Sylvia Thay (5 years)
  • Norita Bte Abdul Wahab (5 years)
  • Loy Li Li (15 years)
  • Noor Azliena Samhudi (25 years)
  • Angeline Teoh (25 years)
  • Chua Gek Eng (30 years)

Congratulations to all our award recipients! For citations published for the Honorary Membership and Merit Award recipients, please visit


Dr T Thirumoorthy received his award virtually via Zoom, as he is currently located overseas. A/Prof Cuthbert Teo, a Merit Award recipient, was unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony.