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National University Hospital


Professional Qualification

MBBS (Melaka-Manipal Med College, Manipal U, Malaysia) 2011 MRCSEd (RCS, Edinburgh, United Kingdom) 2014


Hand Surgery

Woodlands Health Campus


Professional Qualification

MD (U of the Philippines, Philippines) 2005 Dip Geriatric Med (NUS, Singapore) 2011 Dip (Geriatric Medicine & ILTC) (Academy of Medicine, Singapore) 2012


Geriatric Medicine

ST Healthcare


Professional Qualification

MBBS(S); Grad Dip Occ Med(S)


General Practice/Family/Medicine

International Eye Cataract Retina Centre


Professional Qualification

MBBS; FRCS(EDIN) ; FAMS (Ophtholmology)



OncoCare Cancer Centre


Professional Qualification

MBBS (U of Delhi, India) 2001 Board Cert (Int Med) (ABIM, United States) 2005 Board Cert (Haem) (Haematology, United States) 2008 Board Cert (Med Oncology) (ABIM, United States) 2008


Medical Oncology

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