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Ng Chew Lip

Compulsory medical ethics CME from 2024

We wish to alert members to changes in the continuing medical education (CME) requirements beginning from 2024. Doctors with CME Qualifying Period from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2025 (two-year practising certificates [PCs]) need to begin accumulating medical ethics core points from 1 January 2024, while doctors with CME Qualifying Period from 1 January 2025 to 31 December 2025 (one-year PCs) need to do so from 1 January 2025 onwards. For more details, please refer to the Singapore Medical Council's announcement: https://bit.ly/3wzowhe.

SMA has already developed online modules that qualify for medical ethics core CME points. New content will continue to be added as we approach the start date in 2024. For more details, please refer to our list of CME programmes: https://www.sma.org.sg/cme-programme.

In addition, SMA's Centre of Medical Ethics and Professionalism continues to run in-person courses that also fulfil the CME requirement. Please refer to our calendar of events at https://smacmep.org.sg/events-calendar.

Vision Zero pledge on Workplace Safety and Health

SMA recently signed up to a pledge, organised by the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC). The pledge is reproduced below.

We care for the Well-being, Safety and Health of our healthcare workers.

Through our commitment to Care, we believe that zero harm to our staff and stakeholders is possible and that all healthcare workplace-related injuries and ill-health are preventable.

We are committed to:

  • Encouraging our members and stakeholders to embark on the Vision Zero journey and promulgating WSH programmes and initiatives so as to raise workplace safety and health performance and outcomes collectively; and
  • Playing an active role to improve the workplace safety and health standards and practices of healthcare industry and fostering a culture of care and prevention for our stakeholders.

SMA encourages all Members to adopt processes to improve safety and health at their workplaces.

WSHC programmes and resources are available at the following links:

Scroll down the webpage to the "By industry" filter and select the "Healthcare" checkbox to show the resources for the healthcare industry.

Ng Chew Lip is an ENT consultant in public service. After a day of doctoring and cajoling the kids at home to finish their food, his idea of relaxation is watching a drama serial with his lovely wife and occasionally throwing some paint on a canvas.


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