Highlights from the Honorary Secretary

Ng Chew Lip

Revised WSH Guidelines on Healthcare

The Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council recently issued revised WSH Guidelines on Healthcare. We recommend SMA Members to review the guidelines closely, in order to help improve processes at their workplaces. For the full guidelines, please visit http://bit.ly/3EyYEq6.

The key changes to the WSH Guidelines are highlighted in the presentation slides accessible at http://bit.ly/3INx8rt.

Updated MOM six-monthly medical examination forms

SMA recently wrote to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) regarding the MOM six-monthly medical examination forms. SMA highlighted that the "examining doctor" on the form may not necessarily be the same person as the "certifying doctor".

MOM has responded to our feedback and amended the examination form to only require information on the "examining doctor", with no further mention of a "certifying doctor".

We thank MOM for making the adjustments to better reflect the working realities on the ground.

Changes to CCRP process – Removal of three-incident trend threshold

The Clinical Claims Resolution Process (CCRP), administered by the Academy of Medicine, Singapore, was established in November 2021 under the recommendations of the Multilateral Healthcare Insurance Committee to facilitate the resolution of clinically related Integrated Shield Plan (IP) claim disputes. Cases that may be brought to the CCRP include unfair rejection of claims for medically appropriate treatment, over-servicing and/or over-charging issues.

To file an application to the CCRP, the insurers, doctors and medical institutions are required to have at least two prior cases against the same party within the last five years, and the application (for the latest third unresolved dispute) must be filed within six months of the final reply from that party. This threshold was intended to encourage parties to resolve their disputes among themselves first and come to the CCRP only if they are unable to do so.

However, due to recent feedback that the three-incident trend threshold has been difficult to fulfil, the requirement has been revoked with immediate effect. Insurers, doctors and medical institutions can now apply to the CCRP without two prior related IP claim disputes against the same party.

For more information on the CCRP, you may refer to the CCRP website at https://ccrp.com.sg/Home.

Ng Chew Lip is an ENT consultant in public service. After a day of doctoring and cajoling the kids at home to finish their food, his idea of relaxation is watching a drama serial with his lovely wife and occasionally throwing some paint on a canvas.