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September 1997
Ethical Issues

The Medical Profession and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr T Thirumoorthy - Chairman, SMA Ethics Convention 1997
June 2000
Focus Feature

Professional Conduct or Misconduct

T Thirumoorthy
November 2003
SMA Lecture

Citation of SMA Lecturer 2003: Dr Lee Suan Yew

Dr T. Thirumoorthy
June 2005

Ethical Issues in Aesthetic Medicine

T Thirumoorthy
December 2012

Aesthetic Medicine and Professional Governance

T Thirumoorthy
March 2011
SMA-MPS Workshop

Medical Negligence - Understanding the Litigation Process

T Thirumoorthy, Mr Eric Tin
April 2012

Medical Malpractice

T Thirumoorthy
March 2022

Certifying a Lasting Power of Attorney under the Mental Capacity Act (2008)

Aaron Ang, Chen Shiling, T Thirumoorthy, Giles Tan Ming Yee
July 2010
Personally Speaking

Errant Doctors

Dr T. Thirumoorthy
February 2014

Written Medical Communication – Skills in Writing Medical Reports

T Thirumoorthy
June 2007
SMA Annual Dinner

Leader of the Profession

T Thirumoorthy
November 2019
SMA CMEP - Health Law

The Current Medico-Legal Climate and Defensive Medicine

Ng Shu Li, T Thirumoorthy
October 2011

Professionalism, Professional Governance and Accountability

T Thirumoorthy
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