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SMA's effort - Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)


Most recent resources, guide and advisory from SMA ►

Document Description
Issue Date
SMA statement on MOM advisory on COVID-19 - testing of migrant workers [EDM] 8 Jul 2020

SMA provided an update to members, regarding 3 areas.
[1] SMA approached 3 providers of professional indemnity, to check on coverage for doctors if they conduct volunteer work at foreign worker dormitories.
[2] We note that MOH has also extended indemnity “to the extent not covered by any existing insurance, indemnity or compensation schemes”.
[3] SMA also asked MOH regarding a point of contact for issues relating to any potential claim. [EDM]

13 May 2020
The Chapter of Otorhinolaryngologists and the Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Singapore have issued a joint statement on Anosmia in COVID-19. This is in line with the recent inclusion of anosmia as a symptom of COVID-19 in the MOH Case Definition. SMA had assisted to circulate this to our members [EDM] 28 Apr 2020

Leveraging on Telemedicine during an Infectious Disease Outbreak [PDF]

Telemedicine Quickstart Guide in COVID-19 [JPG]

12 Feb 2020

[For public dissemination] Visitor Resource Pamphlet during COVID-19 [PDF]

12 Feb 2020

SMA e-News Special Issue on 2019-nCoV [Website]

03 Feb 2020


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A Collection of open-access SMJ articles on the COVID-19 outbreak ►


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Psychological Wellness and Support ►


Singapore Psychiatric Association - mental health support for doctors in Singapore
List of psychiatrists/counsellors who can see doctors either for informal support or medical consultation [PDF]

Psychologist support and counselling for HCWs

List of Psychologists from Singapore Psychological Society [Click Here]

Better Life Psychological Medicine Clinic

  • Pro-bono services. Contact clinic at 6250-8077 or 8399-2023

Healing Space Counselling & Psychotherapy [Click Here]

  • Pro-bono services on weekdays evening (6 pm - 9 pm, last appointment at 8 pm)
  • Special rates for weekends appointment - S$90 (U.P S$120).

Zenith Medical Clinic [Click Here]



Document Description Issue Date

WellCARE Peer Support Programme
Taking care of my mental health (for HCW) [PDF]
Burnout Infographic [PNG]

Courtesy of Woodlands Health Campus

16 April 2020

TTSH Mental Health Tips for COVID [PDF]
Credit to TTSH Dept of Psychiatry

02 March 2020


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Additional resources & useful links ►

Additional Resources
  • Free Digital Covid-19 Contact Tracing Form For Medical Clinics, courtesy of CusJo. Updated with the latest Ministry of Health Suspect Case Definition, as at the 14th of April 2020
  • https://www.getcusjo.com/clinics-covid19



  • [NUS] COVID-19: Updates from Singapore is a weekly webcast forum for leading clinicians, scientists, public health officials and policy makers with expertise in SARS CoV-2 and its associated infection COVID-19 to share insights into their field of study.

    Episodes will include updates on world and regional COVID-19 related epidemiology, a detailed COVID-19 topic review by a different guest lecturer each week, followed by a panel discussion and audience questions. Additionally, polls taken during the webinar will provide audience members an opportunity to share their experiences with fellow attendees and faculty.

    Series runs from 16 April, Thursdays, 7-8 PM
    Catch it live - Register here: https://bit.ly/Covid-19-SMA
    Watch past episodes on youtube -  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7bfV-ASE8DgTl9T6HXrHgI9W13Xr82K

    Upcoming Episode Topic: The Ethics of Immunity Passports in COVID-19 (6 August 2020)

    Abstract: Due to insufficient evidence about antibody-based immunity to protect against SARS-CoV-2 reinfection, and concerns about the accuracy and reliability of available serological tests, the World Health Organization ( WHO) has advised against the implementation of “immunity passports” as a way to ease restrictive, cross-border measures. Nevertheless, serological testing for the issuance of immunity passports remains a serious policy option in a number of countries.

    Is it ethical to issue “immunity passports” to individuals to exempt them from restrictive measures if serological tests show that they have antibody-based immunity against SARS-CoV-2 infection? In this webinar, Dr Voo Teck Chuan, Assistant Professor at the Centre for Biomedical Ethics, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, will discuss the ethical debate around immunity passports and key considerations for their ethical implementation.

    Dr Voo is on the steering committee for the Global Forum on Bioethics in Research, a platform for the sharing of experience and expertise on research ethics, with a focus on research conducted in low- and middle-income countries. He has participated in many WHO guideline development groups and has helped with the development of WHO ethics guidance in the area of outbreak emergencies. He is also a member of the WHO Working Group on Ethics & COVID-19.

  • [NUS] COVID-19: Biomedical Insights into an Evolving Epidemic

    A global overview of the biology and biomedical research on SARS-CoV-2 pandemic including epidemiology of the outbreak, prediction models, virus genetics, structure and biology, pathophysiology, immunology, therapies (drug and antibody-based), vaccine development as well as stories from the trenches.

    27 July 2020
    1st speaker: Associate Professor Pablo Bifani
    Department of Microbiology and Immunology, NUS
    Topic: Antivirals and host targeted therapies

    2nd Speaker: Associate Professor Justin Chu
    Department of Microbiology and Immunology, NUS
    Topic: Antiviral Strategies for COVID-19.

    Catch it live - Register here: https://nus-sg.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Qu6Oa3piT8iELa0L5kg0ew

  • Food & Beverage promotions for healthcare workers [please click on the links below to see promotion T&C]
  • 4Fingers
  • LiHO
  • Mr Bean
  • Polar Puffs & Cakes
  • Strumm's
  • All active Covid clusters in Singapore, updated weekly. https://www.doctorxdentist.com/covid-clusters-singapore




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SMA's footprint during the COVID-19 Outbreak ►

Document Description
Issue Date
SMA's distribution of donated Face Shields to PHPC, SASH, ILI and other private clinics. 
- SMA's letter to clinics receiving the face shields [pdf]. 

The face shields came about through the generous donation of Meek & Lowly Trust (a charitable trust by Dr & Mrs Low Lee Yong) in appreciation of the sacrifices made by our frontline GP & nurses during this Covid-19 Pandemic. With Ministry of Health’s support in the distribution and logistics, we are pleased to provide these face shields for your clinic’s use during this period of time. We hope that these shields will provide you greater peace of mind as we face this pandemic together.

5 May 2020
The Ministry of Health has set up the SG Healthcare Corps to support our healthcare and community care professionals in this fight. We would like to appeal for your support to stand ready in the fight against COVID-19 to protect the people in Singapore, by joining the SG Healthcare Corps. [EDM] 30 Apr 2020
SMA correspondences with the Singapore Medical Council on CME requirements during this period 
- SMA's letter to the Singapore Medical Council [pdf]
- SMC's reply to the SMA [pdf]
- SMC's issued circular on
Raised Continuing Medical Education (CME) Cap for Category 3A and Core Points for COVID-19 related CME Activities [Website]

13 Apr 2020
27 Apr 2020
28 Apr 2020

SMA letter to Multi-Ministry Taskforce on childcare arrangements for healthcare workers
- 1st letter [pdf]
- thank you letter [pdf]

10 Apr 2020
11 Apr 2020
The Straits Times Forum: Key to stay united in fight against Covid-19 [Website] 3 Apr 2020

'Bring Your Own Bottle' Hand Sanitiser Distribution Exercise for registered medical/dental clinics and CFPS/SDA/SMA members [EDM]

13 Mar 2020
The Straits Times: Post a note or drawing to support healthcare workers fighting coronavirus outbreak [Website] 28 Feb 2020
TimeOut Singapore: National Gallery Singapore launches campaign to encourage Singapore's healthcare workers [Website] 27 Feb 2020

The Straits Times Forum: Healthcare staff covers whole range of people [Website]

14 Feb 2020
SG Art for Healthcare Workers #sgartforhcw [Website] 13 Feb 2020

Leveraging on Telemedicine during an Infectious Disease Outbreak [PDF]
Telemedicine Quickstart Guide in COVID-19 [JPG]

12 Feb 2020

[For public dissemination] Visitor Resource Pamphlet during COVID-19 [PDF]

12 Feb 2020

2019-nCoV - Update of suspect case definition [EDM]

05 Feb 2020

SMA e-News Special Issue on 2019-nCoV [Website]

03 Feb 2020
The Big Read in short: Fighting the Wuhan coronavirus with lessons from Sars crisis - SMA's comments [Website] 01 Feb 2020
Forum: Medical profession more prepared for outbreaks after Sars experience [Website] 29 Jan 2020

Add on Sale of Surgical masks - [Update for 29 Jan] CFPS and SMA Sale of Surgical masks to keep the healthcare system going! [EDM]

29 Jan 2020
3rd run of the Sale of 3M™ N95 masks on 29 Jan - [Update for 29 Jan] CFPS and SMA Sale of N95 masks to keep the healthcare system going! [EDM] 28 Jan 2020
2nd run of the Sale of 3M™ N95 masks on 28 Jan - [Updates of stock status] CFPS and SMA Sale of N95 masks to keep the healthcare system going! [EDM] 28 Jan 2020

2nd run of the Sale of 3M™ N95 masks on 28 Jan - CFPS and SMA Sale of N95 masks to keep the healthcare system going! [EDM]

27 Jan 2020
Joint SMA-CFPS Circular regarding 2019 Novel Coronavirus [EDM] 27 Jan 2020

2019 Novel Coronavirus in China - updated changes to the suspect case criteria information for Doctors [EDM]

24 Jan 2020
1st run of the Sale of 3M™ N95 masks on 24 Jan - Is your clinic well equipped for this CNY weekend? SMA and CFPS are here to help! [EDM] 23 Jan 2020

Maintaining a Supply of Personal Protective Equipment [EDM]

21 Jan 2020


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