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Position Statements / Advisories





SMA Position Statements
Issue Date

Aesthetic Medicine

SMA's letter to the Straits Times Forum page, in response to ST articles on Aesthetic Medicine since 19 March 2008 [pdf]

25 Mar 2008

Complaints and Disciplinary processes

SMA feedback to SMC Review Committee on complaints and disciplinary processes under the current Medical Registration Act and Regulations [pdf]

Joint AMS-CFPS-SMA statement on MOH Workgroup recommendations [pdf]

5 Apr 2013


3 Dec 2019

Dispensing - separation from prescription

SMA’s response to ST articles [pdf]


11 Jan 2005

Electrocardiography Stress Testing

Letter to MOH - Guidelines on Provision of Electrocardiography Stress Testing [pdf]

MOH circular - deferment of Guidelines on Provision of Electrocardiography Stress Testing [pdf]


5 Nov 2015

26 Apr 2016

Guideline on Fees (GOF)

SMA Circular and FAQs to members [pdf]

SMA Media Release and FAQs [pdf]

President's Forum in SMA News April 2007 issue
"Could SMA Have Not Withdrawn the Guidelines on Fees?" [pdf]

Correspondence with Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS)

  • Letter from SMA to CCS dated 28 Feb 2007 [pdf]
  • Letter from CCS to SMA dated 9 Mar 2007 [pdf]
  • Letter from SMA to CCS dated 10 Apr 2007 [pdf]
  • Letter from CCS to SMA dated 16 Apr 2007 [pdf]

Letters to the Straits Times Forum page

  • Letter from CCS dated 18 Oct 2008 [pdf]
  • Letter from Ms Christine Chen dated 28 Oct 2008 [pdf]
  • Letter from SMA dated 30 Oct 2008 [pdf]
  • Letter from CCS dated 3 Nov 2008 [pdf]
  • Letter from SMA dated 12 Nov 2008 [pdf]


Competition Commission of Singapore - media release of final statement of decision [link]













19 Aug 2010

Integrated Shield Plans

61st SMA Council position statement on "Troubled Integrated Shield Plans" [link]

25 Mar 2021

Managed Care - admin fees

Initial letter from SMA [pdf]

Follow-up reply from SMA [pdf]

Final reply from SMC [pdf]

Joint AMS-CFPS-SMA opinion on transactions with Managed Care or Third Party Administrators [pdf]

Joint AMS-CFPS-SMA updated advisory on fees paid to Managed Care [pdf]

June 2017 Joint AMS-CFPS-SMA updated advisory on fees paid to Managed Care [pdf]


23 Feb 2016

22 Mar 2016

8 Sep 2016

14 Dec 2016

11 Apr 2017

23 Jun 2017

Managed Care - patient confidentiality

Patient Confidentiality & Managed Healthcare Programmes [pdf]


15 Nov 2000

Medical Certificates

Medical Certificates Issued to Patients Who Are Medically Unfit to Attend Court/Judicial Proceedings [pdf]

30 Nov 2001

MOH Fee Benchmarks

SMA response to MOH published fee benchmarks for private sector professional fees for common surgical procedures [pdf]

13 Nov 2018



SMA Advisories
Issue Date
SMA CMEP advisory on advertising standards for doctors [pdf] 22 Nov 2020

SMA's advisory to Members to re-evaluate the original motivations for establishing their organisational structures [pdf]

29 Oct 2019
Joint CFPS and SMA Advisory on participation in Telemedicine and Online issuance of Medical Certificates [pdf] Jan 2018
Lemon Law [pdf] October 2012
Managed Care Contracts [pdf] 25 March 2009

SMA Advisory on Bill Itemisation [pdf]


1. K Singh, LG Goh, PY Cheong. 1996 Survey of Housing Estate Practice Costs and GP Fees in Singapore. Singapore Med J 1997: Vol 38(5): 192-199 [pdf]

2. CY Wong, K Tan, G Foo, A Chua, YV Lee, TH Wong, YW Chong. 2006 Survey of GP Clinic Practice Costs in Singapore. SMA News 2007: Vol 39(11): 10-19) [pdf]

21 Feb 2008
Revision of PHMC Guidelines [pdf] 16 Oct 2007
Self Declaration Forms For Insurance Policies [pdf] 20 Apr 2007
SMA Advisory on Clinic Management Systems (CMS) [pdf] 23 Oct 2006
Medical Records in Web-Based Systems [pdf] 23 Sep 2006
Medical Fee-Splitting Among Doctors [pdf] 7 Oct 2005
Maids Employment Medical Examination [pdf]
(Specimen Declaration Forms in English [pdf] and Bahasa Indonesia [pdf] )
Mar 2002
Professional Indemnity Protection for Medical Practitioners [pdf] Jan 2002
Sale of Non-Medicinal Products from Doctors' Clinics [pdf] Nov 2001
Breast and Chest Examinations of Female Patients [pdf] Feb 1999



Issue Date
CNB: standardised letter and template for request for information [pdf] Aug 2016
OPG: template for activation of Lasting Power of Attorney [link] Aug 2017
SMC: Medical appointment websites [link] 2 Jun 2015
MOH: Clarification on Co-location Policies in Licensed Medical / Dental Clinics [pdf] 9 Feb 2015
SMC: Issue of Medical Certificates [pdf] 3 Mar 1994