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SMA News - Past Issues

November 2012

Vol. 44 No. 11


HealThy Mind, HealThy Life

Denise Yuen and Mellissa Ang


President's Forum

Managing Mature Minds

A/Prof Chin Jing Jih



Professional Misconduct and Framing of Charges

Dr Myint Soe


Professional Misconduct, Patient-Doctor Dispute Resolution and the Medical Council

Dr T Thirumoorthy



The Voice of the Profession



A Psychiatric Powwow



The Blue Letter

Dr Lim Boon Leng


Beneath the Glitter

Dr Aw Soh Choo and Dr Alvin Liew



On the Shoulders of Giants

A/Prof Daniel Fung and Dr Tor Phern Chern


Doctors in Training

To Open Minds...


SYPT: Not Another Exercise Regime

Dr Yao Fengyuan


The Unknown Chinese Female

Warren Ong


Game Plan 2013

Szymon Mikulski, Esther Low, Charles Ong and Lee Zi Yao


From the Heart

Mission: Manila

Shonda Ng, Alexander Ng and Kee Ae Ra



Hoppy Victoria, of Playgrounds and Beers

Dr Lim Boon Leng


AIC Says

Administering CHAS

Agency for Integrated Care



SMA Events December 2012