Splenic pseudocyst: a rare association with splenoptosis and vertebral segmentation anomalies
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Noushif M, Mohandas K, Vasu TA, Rishikesan NKV
Correspondence: Dr Medappil Noushif, noushif@gmail.com

Splenoptosis (wandering or ectopic spleen) is a congenital fusion anomaly of the dorsal mesogastrium in which the spleen is abnormally mobile due to its attachment by a long vascular pedicle. This abnormal mobility predisposes the spleen to complications such as torsion, infarction, gangrene and pancreatic necrosis. Pseudocyst formation is one of the rarely reported complications of splenoptosis. Few cases of splenoptosis associated with vertebral segmentation anomalies have been reported in the past. Here, we present the case of a young man with kyphoscoliosis, vertebral segmentation anomalies and splenoptosis complicated by pseudocyst formation.

Keywords: kyphoscoliosis, pseudocyst, spleen, vertebra
Singapore Med J 2011; 52(7): e141-e142

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