03 Mar 2015

  SMA News February 2015
Love is in the air with the February edition of SMA News! Dr Jonathan Tan and Dr Gillian Lim provide readers with a guide to finding love at work, while Dr Seah Pong Pin tells us why his love for dermatology is more than just skin deep. A group of enthusiasts also shared with us their passion for various hobbies. Satisfy your fondness for travel as Dr Martin Chio brings us on a quick tour around the charming city of Madrid.

17 Feb 2015

  Opening hours on Chinese New Year Eve
Please note that the SMA secretariat office will be closed from 12.30pm onwards on 18th February 2015. Our normal opening hours will resume on 23rd February 2015, 8.30am. We wish all members a happy and healthy Chinese New Year.

16 Feb 2015

  MOH clarification on Co-location Policies in Licensed Medical / Dental Clinics
Please see attached letter from MOH on co-location policies in medical / dental clinics.

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Calendar of events


A Medico-Legal Seminar: SMC Disciplinary Process

The seminar will provide an overview and walk-through of the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) disciplinary process, and a discussion of recent SMC appeal decisions by the Singapore Courts, providing insightful guidance as to the fair and just conduct of SMC diciplinary proceedings. The role and requiremnets of a medical expert in a Disciplinary Tribunal will also be discussed and illustrated with some SMC cases.

SMA Seminar: Clinic Management System (CMS) for Your Medical Practice

This seminar aims to provide medical practitioners with a platform to discuss the challenges and benefits of using CMS. Participants will get to hear from the MOHH on their direction on the use of IT in clinics. On top of that, participants will also have the opportunity to learn more about the different systems and funding schemes available, so they can identify what is best and most suitable for their medical practice.

34th Basic Healthcare Module

SMA-ITE Certificate in Healthcare