28 Jun 2018

  SMA eMarket June Promotion - Valid until 30 July
FREE GIFT(s)* with every $50 spent on in a single transaction. *Limited to 50 gifts per suppliers.

28 May 2018

  SMA’s Letter and MOH’s Reply on Doctors’ Duty to Report Unfit-to-Drive Cases
SMA and MOH's correspondence on doctors' duty to report unfit-to-drive cases, especially on the available reporting channel, whether a second opinion is required, and on patient confidentiality issues. (Log in is required)

07 Apr 2018

  Register for the Digital Transformation BPM Seminar on 12 April!
The current Singapore landscape is undergoing significant transformations as companies, including medical clinics, equip themselves with resources to keep up with the “Digital Economy”. Find out more from panel speakers’ digital transformation story, and network with other corporate guests at the seminar too!

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Inter-Professional Games 2018

Join Us for the Inter-Professional Games 2018! Compete in your favourite game and at the same time, represent SMA in this year’s Inter-Professional Games (IPG)!

SMA Seminar: Taking the Plunge - Going into Private Practice

Considering about going into the Private Practice but not sure what to look out for? Register for our seminar today. For more information, click on this image.

The Annual National Medico-Legal Seminar 2018

Day 1 : Finishing Well (The Medical, Ethical and Legal Aspects of Dying with Dignity in Singapore Today). Day 2 : Law and Ethics of Organ Transplantation