22 Mar 2018

  SMC circular on healthcare costs
SMC has issued a circular to doctors, "Doctors have an important role to play in keeping healthcare costs affordable and sustainable"

26 Feb 2018

  IRAS - From Oct 2018, GST Registration only available via online mode
Benefits of online GST registration include quicker processing time, 24/7 access, instant acknowledgement, safe and secure transmission.

21 Feb 2018

  TAG Heuer Watch Appreciation Night 2018
SMA and TAG Heuer cordially invites SMA Members to a night of watch appreciation by veteran watch journalist, Timmy Tan on 7 March (Wednesday).

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SMA Seminar : Tax Obligations on Medical Practice

The Tax Seminar on Medical Practice will enable you to gain basic understanding of this topic and to better manage your medical practice and to fulfill its required obligations.

SMA Health Law Seminar

The importance of educating on the Legal Duty of Care expected by Medical Practitioners.

Medico-Legal Seminar on Mental Capacity Assessment

Caring for persons lacking capacity 14 April 2018